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May Day being commemorated in the U.S.

by Monica Moorhead, published on Workers World, April 24, 2023 A number of U.S. cities are gearing up for May Day (International Workers Day) 2023 with actions that highlight labor struggles, especially those involving young workers organizing at Starbucks and Amazon. But May Day is about much more than workers who are carrying out dynamic organizing campaigns. It encompasses the[…]

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Re-Centering Anti-War and Anti-Imperialism as Working Class Issues on May 1st

by Black Alliance for Peace, originally published on Black Agenda Report “We will never support U.S. imperialism in any of its adventures.” May 1st is recognized as International Workers’ Day throughout the world except in the most bourgeois of bourgeois nations — the United States. Yet, even though the capitalist oligarchy has tried to erase the day from the awareness[…]

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