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Onondaga Nation Regains 1,023 Acres Of Land From New York State

by Last Real Indians, published on Popular Resistance, July 7, 2022 Unprecedented Land Back Moment. The Onondaga Nation will recover more than 1,000 acres of forest lands in the Tully Valley through an historic agreement with New York State and the federal government. This property, identified for restoration and preservation as part of the Onondaga Lake Natural Resource Damages and[…]

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Apache Stronghold Forces U.S. Government Retreat

by an Anonymous Guest Offer, published on Workers World, March 9, 2021 Apache Stronghold Makes U.S. Government Retreat Causing 9th Circuit Denial of Emergency Injunction.  Case Still proceeds on Expedited Basis OAK FLAT, AZ — This afternoon [March 5] the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Apache Stronghold’s appeal of U.S. District Court Judge Steven Logan’s Feb. 12, 2021, ruling.[…]

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