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Challenging the Flawed Premise Behind Pushing GMOs into Indian Agriculture

by Colin Todhunter, published on Countercurrents, January 17, 2020 A common claim is that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are essential to agriculture if we are to feed an ever-growing global population. Supporters of genetically engineered (GE) crops argue that by increasing productivity and yields, this technology will also help boost farmers’ incomes and lift many out of poverty. Although in[…]

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India Mortgaged? Forced-Fed Illness and the Neoliberal Food Regime

US retail giant Walmart bought 77 per cent stake in Indian online website Flipkart in a $16 billion deal. India does not allow retail monoplies like Walmart to enter Indian market. Walmart’s acquisition of Flikart is seen as a back door entry which may put thousands of small vendors out of business. ~by Angela Ferrao an independent editorial cartoonist. by[…]

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