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The Liberation of East Ghouta

Statement by the Syria Solidarity Movement The complete liberation of Eastern Ghouta is imminent. Just as during the liberation of Aleppo, western governments and mainstream media inflated the numbers of trapped civilians and accused Syrian government forces of deliberately targeting them, failing to provide them with humanitarian aid, preventing their evacuation, and indiscriminately bombing them in Eastern Ghouta.  And, just[…]

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Hell On Earth

by Vijay Prashad, originally published on Frontline, India for 3/30 print publication. The tragic unravelling of Syria continues as the war there enters its eighth year. The country is impoverished, its economy is in disarray and its public finances are eviscerated. When the war ends, the reconstruction of infrastructure and society will be difficult. By VIJAY PRASHAD DISAGREEMENT reaches back[…]

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