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U.S. Hybrid war Against Venezuela Goes to Court: The Case of Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab

by Roger Harris and John Philpot, published on Pressenza New York, October 3, 2022 As Venezuela’s special envoy and a deputy ambassador to the African Union, Saab has diplomatic immunity from arrest and detention under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Although a party to the convention, the U.S. has flouted this principle of international law. Judicial overreach on[…]

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New Revelations of Former US Secretary of Defense Confirm Illegality of the Extradition and Arrest of Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab

by Dan Kovalik, published on Global Research, June 10, 2022 In his new memoir, Sacred Oath, former US Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, who served under President Donald Trump at the time of the arrest of Alex Saab in Cape Verde, effectively admits that the White House was quite aware of the fact that Saab was a diplomat at the time[…]

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The Case of Alex Saab – US abduction of Venezuelan Diplomat, a Global Challenge

by Sara Flouders and Roger D. Harris, June 12, 2021 With the possible extradition of a Venezuelan diplomat to the US on bogus charges, an emergency human rights delegation organized by the International Campaign to Free Alex Saab was quickly dispatched to Cabo Verde, where he is imprisoned. This island archipelago nation off the west coast of Africa is one[…]

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