No Foreign Bases Conference, 1/12-1/14 2018

Join the No Foreign Bases Conference taking place in Baltimore this Weekend. If you can’t get to Baltimore you can follow the panels and listen to the speakers here.

Opening Session, International Evening

(Starts around minute 27)

Plenary 1: History and Economic Costs of U.S. Military Bases

(starts around 5 min)

Plenary 2: South America/Guantanamo, Plenary 3: Asia Pacific/ Pivot to Asia

(P2 starts at 17 min and P3 at 1hr, 44 min)

Plenary 4: The Middle East US/NATO Plan

(starts around minute 8)

Cultural Entertainment

(starts around 2 min)

Plenary 5: Europe and the Expansion of NATO

(starts around min 14)

Ray McGovern (Plenary 5 Breakout)

Plenary 6: Africom/ The Invasion of Africa

Plenary 7 and Closing Remarks: Moving Forward

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